2123 S Jefferson St

2123 S Jefferson St

How Our Process Works:

The structure disposition process is not instant. After receiving your “property interest form”, the following steps will be taken:

  • Property interest forms will be reviewed by land bank staff.
  • Land bank staff will reach out to you via e-mail with any additional questions within one business week.
  • Land bank staff will schedule an open house for the property. You will be contacted by land bank staff at least a week in advance about the date and time of the open house. If the date and time do not work for you, land bank staff are able to schedule private showings in some instances, although this is not guaranteed due to limited staff time.
  • After viewing the property, submit your renovation plan and your offer to land bank staff via email at mlb@muncielandbank.org.
  • Respond to any feedback that land bank staff may have regarding your renovation plan.
  • After the offer window closes, your offer and your renovation plan will be presented to the land bank’s board of directors.
  • The best offer will be selected by the board of directors. Applicants will be contacted by land bank staff on the status of their offer.*

*The “best” offer is not necessarily the highest offer. The mission of the Muncie Land Bank is to repurpose abandoned property, and we prioritize that mission in our review process. If the MLB board wishes, it can reject all offers in a given month and return the property to the website.

Please fill out the property interest form below. Once you submit the form, land bank staff will be made aware of your interest in the property.

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